Funny Stuff

October 14th, 2009
Driving Instructions.
Really – Driving HOWTO.
How hot is Hell?

An Engineers analysis of Hell.
Magic Mushroom!

And now to something that makes no sense at all.. or does it?
The Plan

The truth about management plans…
Dating Rules

10 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter
Management Memo

Something you don’t want to see on the office wall.
Woman – A Chemical Analysis

A chemical analysis of a woman.
The truth about mac’s

Have you ever used a mac?
Reasons to fly.

An MD-80 landing.
Mars Landing

The truth about the mars lander.
Microsoft vs. GM

A comparison of technology…
Anger Management

Anger Management – that works!
Trunk Monkey!

I gotta get me one of these…
SU-35 Prototype Fighter

This aircraft will revolutionize dogfighting…

Do you know this blonde?
The Nailgun

Beware of things made in October…
Car Trailer

“Running a bit rich…”
College Exam

Smart kid…
Texas Chili Cookoff

Poor Frank……
Merry Fricking Christmas

A “we put the fun in disfunctional” family christmas song..
Company Computer Guy

My buddy Kevin dedicated this for me 🙂

Mother of Groom

Mother of Groom